Muscle diseases

Neuromuscular diseases are genetic diseases which affect muscles, and weaken them. There are about 200 of them which affect children and adults at various stages of their life. The Institute of Biotherapies has made the fight against neuromuscular diseases one of its priorities. Numerous trials for muscle diseases are in progress.

MyoAge—European Network

  • Reference laboratory: Institute of Myology

This network is composed of 21 groups from 19 institutions and represents 10 different European countries. The objective of MyoAge is to determine the pertinent criteria for the definition of normal muscle aging in terms of performance capacity, as well as exaggerated muscle aging. To accomplish this, the project compares physiological capacities and functional performances at different levels, from the whole human organism to the cellular and biomolecular levels. A set of tools will be developed in order to better understand the links between age-linked muscle weakness and its impact on quality of life.

For more information: Myobase