Institute of Myology

Under the impetus of the AFM-Telethon, the Institute of Myology was created in 1996 and is largely funded by Telethon donations. Centre for research, treatment and teaching about muscle and its diseases, today it participates in over 30 clinical studies.

Institut de Myologie à Paris

With the creation of the Institute of Myology, the objective of the AFM-Telethon was to promote the existence and recognition of myology as such. Several missions have thus been set:

  • Combine efficient investigative means for diagnosis and treatment
  • Develop coordinated clinical research programs
  • Participate in the development of new therapies and be a reference centre for clinical trials
  • Provide families a welcome, an attentive ear and adapted medical expertise
  • Train and inform to raise awareness and recognition of these diseases


With 280 physicians, researchers, engineers, paramedics, doctoral and post-doctoral fellows and other experts, the Institute of Myology brings together diverse and complementary skills from basic research to treatments:

  • Basic research: genetics and pathophysiology, pre-clinical and clinical therapeutic approaches, biotherapies for neuromuscular diseases
  • Evaluation of muscle strength and function
  • Functional exploration by spectrometry and imaging
  • Clinical and genetic diagnostics of neuromuscular diseases
  • Medical management
  • Management of clinical databases
  • Distribution of biosamples for Research (Myobank)
  • Participation and implementation of studies and clinical trials (31 protocols in progress)



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The Institute of Myology is located in the heart of the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, Paris, in the Babinski pavilion

Instiute of Myology