Muscles, a major public health issue

Because muscles are a major public health issue, AFM-Telethon and the Institute of Myology, an international center of expertise on muscles and their diseases, are carrying out a project for a Myology Foundation. In addition, to raise awareness on myology among the public, they are launching two events dedicated to this public health issue in June 2023: the Muscle Conferences and Muscle Week.

Peeling a fruit. Typing in a code. Eating. Talking. Walking. Moving. Breathing… our movements and all our vital functions depend on the proper functioning of the 600 muscles in our body that make up 40% of our body mass.

“As patients with neuromuscular diseases know all too well, muscles play a vital role in motor, respiratory and cardiac functions. But they are also affected in many other diseases such as cancer or diabetes. In other words, the state of the muscles is an indicator of the state of health for everyone. Moreover, throughout life, muscles must be preserved and trained because they help fight against various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, prevent others such as osteoporosis, but also avoid musculoskeletal disorders, maintain memory, fight against the effects of aging … And they are an essential reservoir of energy. Muscles are indeed a public health issue and must be recognized as such,” says Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Telethon.

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