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Myology 2016 – Day 3: Focus on therapeutics on trial or being developed for neuromuscular diseases

Wednesday opened on a symposium based on the development of innovative therapies, which make a new, booming type of medicine. Because the first drug candidates developed so far are only “prototypes”, researchers and doctors are building a strategy to tackle the disease on all fronts. Matthew Wood from Oxford University (UK) restored the expression of … [Read more]

Focus researcher : Matthew Wood at Myology 2016

Matthew Wood discusses the challenges of developing gene therapy

Live from Myology 2016: Day 2

A summary of the second day at Myology 2016 in Lyon! Discover the testimonies of Denis Furling (Institute of Myology),Claire Legay (University Paris Descartes), Laurent Schaeffer (NeuroMyoGène Institute), Bénédicte Chazaud (NeuroMyoGène Institute), Jordan Mecca (Institute of Myology) and Pascal Maire (Cochin Institute).

Focus researcher : Christophe Marcelle at Myology 2016

Christophe Marcelle (University of Lyon, University of Melbourne) discusses muscle development.    

Myology 2016, 5th edition from March 14 to March 18 in Lyon

With speakers from the Biotherapies Institute of Rare Diseases Among over 800 specialists and 70 experts in myology from the 5 continents, the researchers from the 4 laboratories (Genethon, Institute of Myology, I-Stem and Atlantic Gene Therapies) of the Biotherapies Institute of Rare Disease, will also be there and speak up throughout the week to present their newest … [Read more]

Telethon fundraising event 2015 : 80 251 183 euros. More than ever THANK YOU!

At the end of a 30-hour TV marathon, the Telethon counter displays an extraordinary result of 80 251 183 euros. This outstanding outcome shows the support from millions of French citizens to the Telethon fight against rare diseases, including from London, New-York, Budapest…A strong visual symbol  remains the enlightened Towers of different cities all over … [Read more]

I-Motion’s mentor visite, the newest member of the AFM-Telethon galaxy

I-Motion is a new pediatric center for neuromuscular diseases which studies innovative biotherapies and is unique in Europe. The famous Canadian artist Garou, mentor of the Téléthon 2014 and mentor of I-Motion (Institute of Muscle-Oriented Translational Innovation.) came last Wednesday November 18th to launch it and meet with young patients, parents and healthcare professionals. Created … [Read more]

INGESTEM international congress and cell therapie

INGESTEM, I-Stem and biotherapies: 1st congress november 19-20th, 2015 INGESTEM, the national infrastructure in biology and health certified by the “Investissements d’Avenir” program (2012-2019), is the first French network of therapeutic innovations based on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) cells and human tissue engineering. Created by Professor Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli, head of the Stem Cell Hub … [Read more]

The Biotherapy Institute for Rare Disease committed again to the 2015 “ 1000 Researchers in Schools “

With a growing popularity, the “ 1000 Researchers in Schools “ event will take place again this year from November 2nd to 27th. It offers to teachers of hundreds of high schools and junior colleges in France and abroad to meet with a scientist working for the research laboratories funded by AFM-Téléthon, including a large … [Read more]

A new step forward to gene-medicine for AFM-Telethon : to produce and cure

AFM-Telethon has decided to take up a new challenge: to produce gene-medicines from innovative biotherapies developed in the laboratories part of its Biotherapies Institute for Rare Diseases at an industrial scale, and to give patients suffering from rare genetic diseases access to them at a fair and contained price. With this in view, the association … [Read more]