Call for proposals on remyelination projects

arsep-afm-telethon-call-for-proposalsARSEP Foundation and AFM-Téléthon will provide significant support (€ 300,000) for 2 to 3 scientific projects of high caliber for one year. Applications will be evaluated on their international competiveness and the originality of the proposed work.

Research projects from basic science to clinical research will be considered, provided they have primarily focused on the understanding and treatment of demyelinating diseases using remyelination approaches.

The projects will be based on the participation of several groups including at least one French group with a major role in the project.
Funding for laboratory expenses, equipment and fellowships can be requested.

Application forms are available from the Fondation ARSEP website. The application form must be completed by the principal investigator (coordinator) and returned by email to : no later than September 27, 2016. No extension on the deadline will be permitted and no proposal will be considered after this date.

Application forms and information can be found at

For further information, send an e-mail to