The Biotherapy Institute for Rare Disease committed again to the 2015 “ 1000 Researchers in Schools “

With a growing popularity, the “ 1000 Researchers in Schools “ event will take place again this year from November 2nd to 27th. It offers to teachers of hundreds of high schools and junior colleges in France and abroad to meet with a scientist working for the research laboratories funded by AFM-Téléthon, including a large number from its Biotherapies Institute for Rare Diseases (BIRD).

These meetings between students and scientists coming from labs at the cutting-edge of the medical research breakthrough innovation are a special moment to share about their work and what will be medicine in the future. Especially because it takes place just few weeks prior to the Téléthon media event. At this time, hundreds of researchers from BIRD/AFM-Téléthon stand up. Everywhere in France, teachers in life sciences have been enabled to plan and get those experts so that they speak about their job and answer questions from the students about Research and trainings programs for various careers in this field.
The time of this meeting, students will be able to discover the latest scientific advances in terms of biomedical research, cell and gene therapies…, and what is the daily practice of a researcher.

Everything needed to stimulate new job interests?