Atlantic Gene Therapies

The centre for gene therapy in Nantes, or Atlantic Gene Therapies, is distinguished by its ability to conduct a trial from proof of concept to a clinical trial in humans.

Research teams from Atlantic Gene Therapies are developing applied gene therapy strategies in particular for genetic diseases of the retina, neuromuscular diseases and central nervous system. Seventy-three employees are thus mobilised from the search of innovative concepts to the development of tools and production methods compatible with the production of vectors to be administered to humans. Notably, Atlantic Gene Therapies initiated the first French human gene therapy trial for Leber’s congenital amaurosis, a rare genetic eye disease, which started in October 2011 at the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes.


  • Research: gene therapy, gene transfer efficiency depending on the mode of administration, study of the immune response, the fate of the viral vector after administration.
  • R&D: development of tools and processes consistent with the production of vectors for trials in humans, transfer of developments to production sites.
  • Platform for preclinical viral vector production.
  • Pathology platform for genetically modified tissues.
  • Platform for pre-clinical trials in partnership with Oniris.



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Atlantic Gene Therapies is located in Nantes. Its laboratories include more than 70 employees.

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